48 Hour Micro Dwelling charette

     The idea of this project was to see what could create given minimal parameters and a very short amount of time. The only restrictions given were that this was to be a micro-dwelling (under 250 square feet) and that it should be in a particular setting (in my case, by a cliffside). All other factors such as who the client is, where the house is located, how long the dwelling might be used for, etc. were entirely up to me. Interested in how traditional Japanese styles might change or remain constant when crossing over to a modern West Coast lifestyle, I chose to follow this direction to inform my design decisions. I began with researching basic tatami layouts then outwardly expanded the design to fit the essentials for what my envisioned client would need.

     One of many factors I considered was the importance of the connection between the built and natural environments. With elements such as a water wheel to provide power and a structure that straddles and indeed submerges into the river, I was able to bring the outside world into the dwelling. This effect is most noticeable on the semi-covered porch area where the line between interior and exterior is truly blurred.